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Time Capsule

by Mitch Berman

(G.P. Putnams Sons, cloth; Ballantine Books, paper)

"High-intensity jazz for the very sharpest of readers."

                        — Kurt Vonnegut

"Seduces the reader ... Mitch Berman’s prose is risky and phonic, emanating from the horn of jazz. ... Time Capsule is a first novel worth reading."

Fanny Howe, New York Times

"Terrifically interesting to read and to consider ... What a courageous, audacious gesture Mitch Berman has made ... what an absolutely perfect ear for dialogue he has. This is a brave and heartening book."

— Carolyn See, Los Angeles Times

"Sweeps through all of the emotions and expressions of humankind. ... Berman’s style makes this novel a vibrant piece of work. This is a book for one’s personal time capsule."

— Associated Press

"Trenchant wit ... marvelous climactic scenes ... the rich, jazzy Barthelmesque inventiveness of Time Capsule is a constant pleasure."

            Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"In Time Capsule, a ghostlike past and an ominous future merge in a perfect and frightening counterpoint. The beat is jazz, the message is hope."

                        — Mary Morris

"Like a pied piper lying down a hypnotic line of patter, he draws us along. We go willingly because he’s fun and quick and sharp."

San Diego Union

"Mitch Berman is a brave soul and a gifted writer — a young man willing to take on the most terrifying theme of our century and wrestle it to the ground."

                                    — Russell Banks

"Zany, brilliant, funny, and inventive. A science-fictional Huckleberry Finn. ... There’s absolutely nothing like it."

                                    — Ishmael Reed

"An extraordinary new voice in American fiction."

                        — Donald Barthelme

"A true tour de force."

                                    — Gail Godwin

"The adventures of these two men are so real that you can feel their pain, experience their joy, smell the air they breathe .... Berman displays a delightful mastery of the language."

                        Arizona Daily Star

"A classic .... engages the reader from start to finish .... In the end, Time Capsule becomes a harrowing, mystical book that is almost impossible to put down."

                        Knoxville News-Sentinel

"Berman’s writing is reminiscent of a Thelonius Monk solo."

                        San Francisco Chronicle

"Berman has language and heart... Time Capsule’s strength lies in the riskiness of its writing, in its evocation of raw, inexpressible feeling."

                        Village Voice

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