Haiku and Senryu

by Mitch Berman, Shirley Wolf, and Mitch's students





By Mitch Berman:



Girl marries old man

Shuts eyes, throws in the fountain

Coin and coin and coin


Awkward together

Two kids in a horse suit

In a school play





By Shirley Wolf:


Dark curtains of night

Fall softly blotting out light

Challenged by the moon.


A peal of thunder

Lightning cracks the sullen sky

Introducing rain.


Close upon my heels

She will not leave me ever

Every move a mimic.


Rainbow arcs the sky

Shooting arrows of color

At rainwashed windows.



By Mitch's Students:


Mount Pleasant

CMU, lots of cows

Where's the mountain?


- Adam Mills



Our neighbors to the north

Cold up there, eh?


- Adam Mills


Grey red yellow black

spring 2000 class schedule

your future within


- Dave Friedgen


Gooey smelly moosh

walking's no fun anymore

with poop on your shoe


- Dave Friedgen


Trey Parker Matt Stone

Cartman Kenny Stan Kyle Chef

They're funny as hell


- Dave Friedgen


Grass over stone

cool wind blows

I still visit you


- Regina Mitchell


The light post above

Alone without neighbors

Yet still shining bright


- Karmen McClintic


Chilled face

Hot body

In from the cold


- Stephanie McNeill


Young child

Unwrapped Christmas gift

New toy of paper


-         Stephanie McNeill



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