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(an interactive way of taking a 10,000-miles journey with the Journalist as she tries to find the elusive Konkowsky)


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Who or what is Konkowsky?



"Konkowsky is a charlatan." "In a world where advertising is the essence of evil, Konkowsky is a subliminal advertiser." "Konkowsky, strictly speaking, does not exist." [All statements attributed to Konkowsky himself]


Konkowsky is the legendary experimental filmmaker who has been arrested in seven countries for shooting without a license, who staged a protest at Mann’s Chinese Theatre, and who faked his own death.  He is ancient and dwarflike, and many still believe him dead. 


"I will never work again!" - Konkowsky, at the opening of the colorized version of "Potemkin" at Mann's Chinese Theatre, as he tore up his multimillion-dollar multipicture deal with Svenksfilmindustri. The following year, Konkowsky made three feature films.


What is Instant Konkowsky?


"It is my sad duty to announce that Konkowsky burned to death in the Great Fire of Stockholm" - Konkowsky's agent Erich Zeb, weeping, as he announced Konkowsky's death. After remaining "dead" for three years and eavesdropping in the lobbies of theatres during countless retrospectives of his films, Konkowsky resumed making films as if nothing had happened.

Some say it’s an interactive CD-ROM for Windows

Some say it’s a journalist’s search for Konkowsky, or meaning, or the meaning of Konkowsky, of 10,000 miles through China, Mongolia, Russia and France

Some say it’s the definitive biography of the most innovative film artist of the era

Instant Konkowsky is nothing more than “A can of corn and a cheap trick,” according to Konkowsky himself.  “The ultimate prostitution of the artist by commercial forces.  A CD-ROM indeed!  The beauty and strangeness of the world smothered in bubble wrap.”


Join the Journalist in her adventures over 10,000 miles as she tries to find the elusive Konkowsky


“Read” Konkowsky’s films:


The Making of “The Making of the Illusion of Gravity”

Scenes from the Films of Konkowsky as Recalled by the Executor of his Estate